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Shove off, this is my lounge!

Tonight I discovered a fleecy blanket on the lounge and made myself very comfy. Trouble is, Lou usually sits on the lounge and he thinks he owns it.

It didn’t take him long to work out that I was onto a good thing. I thought he’d see me having a sleep, and choose somewhere else to snooze, instead he thought he’d chance it. Maybe he thought I wouldn’t wake up.

so I was enjoying my cat nap when he decided to join me. I opened my eyes and gave him the Qwerty death stare. It usually works and he slinks off and scratches the door for mum to let him out so he can go back where he came from.


Today the death stare had no effect at all. He figured it was his lounge and if he had to share…well he had to share. And I guess I had to share to.


Shh, please don’t tell anyone I sleep with a dog. I have a reputation to uphold.

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