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My laptop is shrinking

Something’s going on around here. My beautiful laptop bed seems to be shrinking. And I’ve got photographic evidence.


This was taken on the 8th January when I’d first discovered my warm, cosy bed:



And mum took another photo a few days later:



But it’s definitely shrinking. Mum took this picture last night:

It’s very strange. Everything around me seems to be shrinking. Even this shoebox, which I used to fit in quite easily.

Does that mean I’m no longer a size 8?

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Big bouncy fun

It’s been raining and raining and raining for days. Mum won’t let me go outside to play in the rain, so I have to make my own fun. She was surprised when I first jumped on the clothes thingamajig and didn’t fall off. I haven’t told her I’ve been practicing my acrobatic skills by watching videos on youtube while she’s out at work. Not telling her much about what I get up to while she’s at work – that would spoil all my fun.

So she’s uploaded my first video to youtube. Do you think I might become a youtube star?

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